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Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Welcome to Our Music Notes Blog!

For fun facts about music in New Mexico

One of the great discoveries about living in New Mexico is the incredible community of musicians who live and perform here. There is a deep pool of talent here that rivals other so called "music cities" and contributes to the excitement about life in New Mexico.

Accessibility of Live Music

If you're coming from another state where the only way to see live music was to pay a steep ticket price to access top talent, it can be shocking to discover top talent playing in restaurants and for local events that are often free to the public. The state of New Mexico supports the arts for the benefit of the artists who create them and for the enrichment and enchantment of the people who live here.


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New Mexico Music Hall Of Fame

The New Mexico Hall Of Fame is at the crossroads of a very exciting time,

by that I mean much is happening, so let me catch every body up to speed. Well

first and I can speak with confidence the museum is at the last stages of

fabrication and is in the process of instillation. It will be located at the newly

opened ‘West Central Route 66 Visitor Center’ located at 12300 Central Ave.

SW Albuquerque NM 87121, on nine mile hill. It will have large TVs, touch

screen kiosks and display cases filled with memorabilia. Arrangements can be

made for guided tours. Also nominations for the upcoming class of 2023 are on

their way to the selection committee for review. The announcement and

introduction of this years class will take place in September with the actual

Induction Ceremony taking place on Saturday November 25th at the National

Hispanic Cultural Center. We have very ambitious goals for both the Museum

and our upcoming events, so please join us on our 2023 journey.

Abe Torres Vice President, New Mexico Music Hall Of Fame Board.

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